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Where Everyone Is A Royal

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The Original Ben Gusto


Drawing from the italian “buon gusto” meaning “good taste" comes Ben Gusto. A blend of good taste, eclectic style and the beach thrown in for good measure. No better way to sip your flat white, catch up on the news & soak in the laid back beachside.

Established in 2008, Ben Gusto Cafe has been a local icon. This relaxed, ambient space is warm, inviting, casual and producing quality meals at a reasonable price. Situated on Browns Bay Beach, over looking Rangitoto Island, Ben Gusto is perfectly situated to enjoy breakfast or lunch with friends and family. 

As a venue we can accommodate  groups of all sizes for any occasion, be it that Special Birthday, Graduation, Business Breakfast meetings, Mothers & Fathers day – or just an excuse to get together. Depending on the the time of day and size of group, there are multiple options available.

A hit with mums & bubs, coffee groups find the playground by the beach a great way to burn out those waffles & gelato.

Treat yourself to a wide range of menu options from the expected to the unexpected! Couple this with exceptional service and a wonderfully relaxing beach and you have an experience to remember.



7.30 AM – 5.00 PM





The Early Riser Breakfast


Petit Bene Bagel  $10.00
Our half sized special bene w one poached egg, 2 rashers of bacon, one hash brown Spinach & hollandaise sauce

Beachside Breakfast 
One poached egg, two rashers bacon, one hash brown, vine tomato, one sausage, Mushrooms, toast

Villagers Toast 
Ben Gusto’s pint sized French toast, one piece of cinnamon brioche, two rashers of bacon, ½ grilled banana, maple syrup


Full On Breakfasts

Toasted Muesli  $10.50
Home made w fresh fruit, honey and yoghurt

Eggs any style on Toast 
Served w roasted vine tomato and grain toast
Add Bacon   $4.00

Parmesan Waffle  
Melon, prosciutto, asparagus, vincotta, vine tomato

Portobello Waffle
 (Vege)  $18.00
Roasted Portobello, halloumi, spinach, toasted pine nut, pesto, vine tomato

French Toast 
Classic: bacon, grilled banana, maple syrup, cinnamon, Brioche

Salted Caramel Hot Cakes 
Toasted macadamia cobbler, banana, vanilla fraiche, pineapple

Mushrooms on Toast 
Saute of button mushroom & bacon with cream, toasted ciabata& parmesan cheese

Corn & Zucchini Fritter
Ricotta, bacon, poached egg, avocado, salsa, sour cream

Baked Croissant  
Scrambled eggs w candied champagne ham, vine tomato, snowpea tendrils
Optional: Salmon scrambled $19.50

Livers in the Skillet
Melon, lardons, Agria, choritzo, Bruschetta

Winter Bubble & Squeak
Smashed kumera, potato & sweetpea cake w fried onion, candied pork, orchard apple Syrup, poached eggs, snow pea tendrills

Eggs Benedict  
Toasted ciabatta, spinach, poached eggs, vine tomato, hash browns, hollandaise sauce

  • Kiwi-ana- Bacon, hash browns  $17.50
  • The Bays- Smoked Atlantic salmon,hash browns  $19.50
  • Vegetarian- Portobello, halloumi, avocado, hash browns  $17.50
  • Hunter- Pulled pork belly, Kumera, orchard apple  $19.50

Antipode Breakfast  $24.50
Poached eggs, bacon, vine tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, Kransky Sausage, Corn cheese dumpy, candied pork, smoked tomato relish

Mid-Day Menu
11:30am – 3:30pm

Long Lunch Selections

Seafood chowder   $13.50
Our service staff will advise – Served w toasted ciabata

Barbequed Prawns Kebabs
Served on steamed rice w garlic, chilli, cilantro, spring onion and winter salad


Scallop Risotto  $22.50
Diver bay scallops w streaky bacon, white wine, cream, sweet peas, saffron


Salt & Pepper Squid Salad  $18.00
Smoked chipotle mayo, Roasted capsicum, rocket, crouton salad


BLAT   $17.00
Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, basil, tomato flat, aioli, agria
Option: Chicken CLAT $17.00


Pulled Pork Slab   $19.50
Toasted flat bread, slaw, tomato, orchard apple, candied kumera


Grilled Chicken Melt  $18.00
Roasted vegetables, halloumi, pesto, agria, toasted flat


New York Cut Striploin   $25.50
200g Cut sirloin, rustica potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, bacon


The Bay Burger   $21.50
Dusted Bun w lettuce, tomato, avocado, slaw, Swiss cheese, fries
Options: Chicken or Lamb


Bamboo Chicken    $19.50
Teriyaki chicken, Coriander, egg noodles, bamboo, baby corn, slaw


Chicken Tandoori Salad    $20.50
Warm winter salad of green leaves, cilantro, red onion, snow peas and julienne of vegetables with croutons


Pulled Pork Pie   $21.50
Cassoulet of pork belly w kumera, apple, asparagus, truffle mash, poached egg


Fettuccine Carbonara   $21.00
Champagne ham, mushrooms, white wine, cream and parmesan cheese


Pasta Marinara   $24.50
Seafood pasta w fresh mussel, prawns, squid, scallops, fish, salmon in Napoli with spaghetti


Fish and Chips  $21.50
Tempura batter, terakihi fillet, green salad, lemon, tartare remoulade


Short Black $3.00
Double shot with rich golden cream

Long Black $3.50
Double shot served with hot water on the side

Americano $3.50
Single shot over a large cup of hot water emulating the softer flavour of filter coffee

Flat White  Small $3.80 | Regular  $4.30
Double shot espresso textured with velvet milk

Cappuccino Small $3.80 | Regular $4.30
Double shot espresso crowned with textured lush foam with chocolate or cinnamon on top

Latte Glass  $4.20 |  Bowl  $4.50
Double shot textured with lush velvet milk

Mochaccino  Glass $4.20 |  Bowl $5.00
Double shot blended with Belgian hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate  Glass $4.00 | Bowl $4.50
Rich Belgian chocolate blended with lush velvet milk

Chai Latte  Glass $4.00 | Bowl $4.50
Choose from Monin sweet chai or Phoenix organic spicy chai

Vienna $4.50
A double shot espresso in a large glass of hot water with whipped cream

Affagato Glass $5.00
A scoop of vanilla gelato with a shot of hot espresso

Tea $3.50
English Breakfast or Earl Grey

Herbal Tea $4.00
Ask for our selection

Extras 60c
Extra shotSoy Milk | Decaf
Flavoured shot to go with your coffee 
(Vanilla, hazelnut, caramel or white chocolate)

Iced Chocolate/Coffee/Mocha $5.50

Smoothies $6.00
Mixed berries, banana, mango or feijoa

Old fashioned Ice Cream Soda $6.00
Your choice of soft drink poured over vanilla ice-cream

Milkshake $4.50
Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lime, banana or strawberry Extra thick 1.00

Gelato Shake $6.50
Choose from our in-store Gelato selection


Chicken & Mango Salad $17.90
Smoked chicken, avocado, red onion, salad greens & a mango dressing topped with crispy noodles

Smoked Salmon Salad $15.90
Tasmanian smoked salmon with avocado, capers, Cucumber & red onions topped with French dressing

Moroccan Lamb Salad $18.90
Sliced Moroccan lamb with cos lettuce, gherkins, olives, roast capsicum, roast egg plant & basil aioli


Preserves (jam, butter & lemon curd) $3.00
2 Eggs any style $4.00
Bacon or smoked salmon $4.00
Mushrooms/avocado/roast tomato $3.00
Cheese & Bacon Chorizo Sausages $3.50
Hash Browns $3.00
Baked Beans $5.00
Mixed green salad $6.50
Fries with aioli $5.50
Curly fries with aioli $5.50


Bacon & scrambled eggs on toast $8.90
French toast with bacon & caramelised Banana $10.50
Mini hot dogs & chips $8.90
Chicken nuggets & chips $8.90
Fish bites & chips $8.90
Chicken burger & chips $10.50
Chicken fettuccini $12.50


All waffles are served with maple syrup & whipped cream

Belgian Waffle $10.50
Original waffle topped with maple syrup & whipped cream

Waffle & Gelato $14.50
Make your own waffle by choosing any two flavours of gelato

Double Chocolate $14.50
Double scoop of chocolate gelato with various chocolate toppings 

Salted Caramel $14.50
Toasted macadamia cobbler, salted caramel gelato and sauce

Mango Tango $14.50
Sliced mango, mango sorbet and kiwifruit

Very Berry $14.50
Double scoop of berry sorbet dressed with berry compote

Banana Nutter $14.50
Topped with fresh banana slices, walnut & a scoop of vanilla gelato


Banana and Bacon $16.50
Topped with caramelised banana & crispy bacon






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